Vein Procedures

Vein Procedures

Cayman Surgery’s Dr. Ebanks is a general surgeon skilled in treating varicose veins and other venous problems. Varicose veins are both a cosmetic and medical concern, with many patients experiencing symptoms like swelling, pain, itching or throbbing in affected areas. Left untreated, varicose veins can also lead to complications such as skin discoloration, ulcers or blood clots. Dr. Ebanks has extensive experience removing these twisted and knotted blood vessels from the legs to improve circulation and promote significant symptom relief. As the first provider in Grand Cayman to offer modern vein treatments, Dr. Ebanks can treat most conditions right on the island. If needed, she also maintains an extensive network with other specialists to better address more problematic cases, ensuring her patients receive the highest level of care possible.

Cayman Surgery offers surgical and minimally invasive vein procedures to address a wide variety of patient needs.

The vein procedures that we perform include:

Endovenous Laser Treatment

Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) is an advanced, nonsurgical procedure for eliminating varicose veins. Instead of physically removing or chemically sclerosing diseased blood vessels, EVLT uses laser energy to heat and collapse problematic veins. This improves circulation by closing off reverse blood flow and causing the body to reroute through nearby healthy veins. For the majority of patients, EVLT provides reliable, consistent results and significant symptom relief, dramatically reducing the pain or discomfort associated with varicose veins. As a minimally invasive procedure, there is little to no downtime after an EVLT treatment and patients can immediately return home and resume their normal routine.

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VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System

The VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System is another cutting-edge treatment for eliminating varicose veins. It delivers highly precise microburst energy into problematic blood vessels through a tiny probe, allowing it to target both smaller varicose veins and thread-like spider veins without permanently harming the surrounding tissues. VeinGogh can even be used on delicate areas of the face and body, making it ideal for patients with rosacea, cherry angiomas and other superficial skin concerns as well. Because this treatment is so accurate, there is no downtime or recovery, but results will take a few weeks to fully develop.

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Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment for varicose and spider veins. Often a popular choice for eliminating smaller varicose veins, sclerotherapy involves injecting a sclerosing agent directly into affected blood vessels. This liquid or foam solution causes the vein to collapse and scar, forcing the body to reroute the blood through healthier channels. Over time, the treated vein is naturally reabsorbed into local tissue and fades from view. Liquid sclerotherapy is a safe and reliable treatment that can provide lasting relief from symptoms like pain, discomfort or swelling. Although the results are usually long lasting, improvements can take three to six weeks to develop. Larger veins may take longer to disappear, and multiple treatments may be required for a good outcome.

To determine if sclerotherapy is appropriate for you, Dr. Ebanks will perform an examination of your veins and use ultrasound imaging to better understand your condition. For patients with several different venous problems, sclerotherapy can be combined with laser therapy, mini-phlebectomy and other techniques for a more comprehensive treatment plan.

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Chronic Ulcer Treatment

Chronic leg ulcers are a complication of venous insufficiency. These sores can be painful and difficult to address, but Dr. Ebanks offers individualized chronic ulcer treatments to improve blood flow and promote the healing of damaged tissues. Depending on the size and location of chronic ulcers, this might include a combination of venous procedures to improve blood flow, debridement, compression therapy and wound care. Collaboration with other specialists is important and encouraged. Antibiotics and other medications are also commonly used to ensure the best results. Although chronic leg ulcers are slow to heal, patients can start to see improvements within three to six months.

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Vein Stripping

Vein stripping is the surgical removal of varicose veins. Once a common treatment for varicose veins of all sizes, vein stripping is now typically reserved for particularly large, stubborn or symptomatic blood vessels that haven’t responded well to other methods. Dr. Ebanks may recommend this technique for patients who are showing signs of venous insufficiency or experiencing side effects such as blood clots, pain, open sores, ulcers or bleeding due to their varicose veins. Vein stripping is more invasive than other treatments, but allows for the complete removal of diseased blood vessels. After treatment, the body reroutes blood flow through healthier veins, improving circulation and reducing symptom severity.

Dr. Ebanks performs vein stripping under general anesthesia at the CTMH Doctors Hospital or The Health Service Authority. The varicose veins are pulled out through incisions in the legs, providing access to even large blood vessels that can’t be ablated with lasers. Most patients need a few days off from work to recover after surgery, but vein stripping can provide significant symptom relief in treated areas.

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This procedure removes knotted and twisted blood vessels through small incisions in the legs, for a less invasive treatment. During a mini-phlebectomy, Dr. Ebanks may use ultrasound imaging to locate affected veins and she inserts a specialized tool to pull them out in sections. Unlike vein stripping, a mini-phlebectomy is typically performed in-office with local anesthesia, so patients can return home the same day with minimal downtime. Depending on the size, location and number of varicose veins, Dr. Ebanks may recommend combining mini-phlebectomy with other treatments to achieve optimal results.

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Dr. Ebanks is recognized as a top provider of varicose vein treatments in the Cayman Islands. With years of experience in performing both surgical and minimally-invasive procedures, Dr. Ebanks can help you achieve significant symptom relief from problems caused by varicose veins and venous insufficiency. To learn more about your treatment options or schedule a consultation, contact or call Cayman Surgery today at +1 345 946 0067.

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