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Montana Kitt

WELCOME TO THE Cayman Islands Surgery Center

Montana brings with her a trained eye for malignancy detection, strong skills to assess for venous disease, and a passion for providing quality patient care.

Education & Background

Education & Background

Cayman Surgery Founder

Montana Kitt obtained her designation as Diagnostic Medical Sonographer from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Alberta, Canada.

Her career began at the Cross Cancer Institute. Here she gained great exposure to breast imaging, venous ultrasound, and malignant pathology. Vast experience was acquired working with surgeons while performing brachytherapy and interventional procedures under ultrasound guidance. With the significant number of abnormal cases, critical thinking was vital to further assess the extent of disease.

Achievements & Certifications
Canadian Registered Generalist Sonographer in:
  • Abdominal
  • Gynecological
  • Breast
  • Vascular
Registered with Sonography Canada and the Council for Professions Allied with Medicine (Cayman)
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Montana then transitioned over to the Women’s Imaging Center, where her focus was breast ultrasound. Her skills in early breast cancer detection, interpreting mammograms, and working closely with radiologists during biopsies, were finely tuned. She created a training protocol for new hires and lead the breast ultrasound quality assurance program – ensuring that high-quality, reliable, and trusted work was consistent across the company’s 16 locations.

Her certificates include CRGS in Abdominal, Gynecological, Breast, and Vascular ultrasound. Montana is registered with Sonography Canada and the Council for Professions Allied with Medicine in Cayman.

Life in the Cayman Islands

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If you would like to make an Ultrasound appointment with Montana please call at +1 345 946 0067 to schedule a consultation. You can also message Cayman Surgery directly at office@caymansurgery.ky.

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