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I would like to express my thanks to CTMH Doctors Hospital and the staffs especially to Dr. Tanja Ebanks for a successful surgery she did to my left hand. My two fingers (point and middle) were put back with the use of the state of the art equipment of the hospital. Thank God, I didn’t lose my job as a construction worker because my fingers are still complete and I can perform my duties the same way before I had surgery.

— Reynaldo Rivera

I was reluctant to go outside in shorts and skirts not to mention the dread of putting on a bathing suit! It’s a terrible way to feel especially when living on a tropical island! But my legs just didn’t look like they used to with all the dark lines and bruised areas from varicose and spider veins. I was so pleased when my regular doctor recommended specialist Dr Tanja Ebanks for the problem. To have someone on island who could deal with the problem was as much of a relief as being able to deal with the problem itself! Dr Ebanks recommended two types of treatment for the different types of broken veins. We started with sclerotherapy injections and even though I didn’t care for the compression stockings afterward I was so happy with the results. The pain and swelling in my legs subsided and the dark lines I had started to disappear! Then for the smaller spider veins she recommended VEIN GOGH- a relatively painless procedure and NO compression stockings afterward! It was so easy I actually sat through multiple sessions in one afternoon! Every day my legs look and feel better and I have been exercising pain-free and have even been getting my suntan back! Dr Ebanks is wonderful and her attention to detail is amazing—-it’s such a pleasure to look in the mirror and see the legs I used to have all over again! If you’ve ever entertained the idea of vein therapy don’t hesitate any longer. It was the best call I could have made! Thank you Dr. Ebanks, I am very happy with the outcome and I can’t thank her enough! I appreciate all her help!

— Susan Scher

I have been a patient of Dr Tanja Ebanks for over a year. I would certainly recommend her and have spoken very highly of her services to friends. Dr Ebanks has worked wonders alleviating the Varicose vein problems in both my legs and my circulation is now better than ever. I am so pleased with the results I am now confidently wearing dresses again after years of hiding my legs in trousers, Dr Ebanks has changed my life. My experience with both Dr Ebanks & CTMH Doctors Hospital was fantastic with everything I needed available when I needed it, even down to measuring me for stockings required for my recovery. A definite A+

— Suzanne Barry

My name is Patrick and I have suffered from varicose veins in both my left and right legs. With ongoing swelling and regular pain, I sought the help of Dr. Tanja Ebanks while living in the Cayman Islands.

My experiences with Dr. Tanja could be best described as caring, thorough, professional and helpful.

With my knowledge of medical terminology and processes being very limited, she always took the time to clearly explain in a language I could understand what issues I was facing, what treatments were available and what the best course of action would be, which made me feel much at ease. In addition to displaying a passion for her work, she made me very comfortable with her surgical abilities through her knowledge of the vascular system and general professionalism.

Most importantly, she displayed a level of caring and empathy which I believe is hard to find within the medical industry. She understood my concerns and worries and always took the time to listen when I needed it most. Although she started as my doctor and went on to become my surgeon, she was always my friend when I really needed one. I cannot emphasis this aspect enough, as it is something I hold in high regard when addressing my health concerns.

Johan Nilsson Testimonial

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Even as I am now living in the UK, she is in regular contact with me simply to check up on my health, which is something I truly appreciate and admire.
If not for Dr.Tanja my legs would not be in the great health they are today, nor would I be continuing to enjoy the sports I love such as hockey, snowboarding and rock climbing.
I highly recommend her to anyone needing vascular consultation as I am certain she will take wonderful care of you as she did me.

— Patrick Bourque

What I liked about having Dr.Tanja as a doctor was that she did a good job but most that she followed up and checked every 2 weeks and later every month to make sure that everything was all right. it’s 2 years ago now and my legs are better than ever, playing tennis 4 times a week and i don’t feel anything in my legs. I am very pleased with the result and try to recommend her to everybody.

— Johan Nilsson

Almost one year ago I severed my thumb in a construction accident. My thumb was hanging on only by one piece of skin. I sawed through the knuckle and severed my nerves in the thumb.

I went to the General Hospital where I was told that there were no Doctors on Grand Cayman Island that could do the kind of microsurgery my thumb required and that they were going to have to send me to Jamaica for the operation. The only problem was that by the time I was to arrive in Jamaica and get transport to the hospital it was 8 hours into the accident and due the length of delay, they were telling me I might lose my thumb.

Fortunately, a friend who was with me at the hospital knew Dr. Tanja Ebanks and said that she believed Dr. Ebanks could do this type of surgery. Once the appropriate calls were made I was transferred to The CTMH Doctors Hospital, where Dr. Ebanks saw me immediately. She explained the surgery, the post-operative procedures and had me in the operating room within an hour.

Dr. Ebanks was able to reattach the nerves and stabilize my thumb so that I did not lose it. She followed me very closely through the healing and physiotherapy stages. Thanks to Dr. Ebanks I was able to return to work with almost full use of my thumb.

The care and attention I received from the staff at The CTMH Doctors Hospital and especially Dr. Tanja Ebanks, I feel was critical to saving my thumb and enabling me to continue in my trade as a carpenter. I cannot express how thankful I am to her!

— Martin McKoy

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Dr. Ebanks in currently on island and happy to see patients until further notice.
Posted 12/1/2020

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