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Dr. Ebanks
Dr. Ebanks attended the University in Bern, and graduated with her medical degree in December 1997. Following her education at Bern, she went back to her hometown of Jegenstorf in Switzerland to attend a specialty program focused on general surgery and traumatology. In 1999, she and her husband moved to Western Samoa for a year, where she volunteered as a surgical registrar for a modest living and housing allowance.

“Working as a volunteer was a great and very rewarding experience for me, something I would recommend to anyone in the medical field. To be exposed to medicine in a developing nation, where people have a different attitude towards life, illness, and death, is truly a character-building experience,” says Dr. Ebanks of her volunteer work.

In addition to the two years spent in Grenchen and Biel, specializing in general surgery and traumatology, Dr. Ebanks completed a surgical residency in hand and plastic surgery in Lucerne. During her two years in Lucerne, she regularly attended to hand and burn emergencies that also required surgical attention. Working on these complex cases, she fine-tuned her microsurgical skills, including free flaps, replantation, and revascularization. Instead of pursuing specialties in hand and plastic surgery, Dr. Ebanks decided that her true passion was general surgery. For two years she worked as a junior consultant in general surgery and traumatology in Delemont, the French-speaking side of Switzerland. In 2005, she received her Swiss general surgery title of FMH, followed by her registration as a general surgeon in the British GMC in June of 2006.

Life on the Cayman Islands

The next chapter for Dr. Ebanks and her husband was a move to the Cayman Islands, where she became licensed with the Cayman Island Health Practice Commission (HPC) as a medical doctor and general surgeon. Shortly after the move, her first post was with the Health Service Authority as a general surgeon, and in November 2006 she opened her first private practice. Since February 2007, Dr. Ebanks has been affiliated with the only private hospital in the Cayman Islands, the former Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital, currently CTMH Doctors Hospital. One of the things she enjoys most about her work is the friendly environment, where a small group of doctors and nurses work well together as a cohesive team.

Her practice has grown over the last few years and the services she offers include, but are not limited to:

  • Treatment of varicose and spider veins
  • Hand surgery
  • Breast surgery

CTMH Doctors Hospital is a unique, private medical facility that acquires state-of-the-art equipment, supports their staff through ever-changing developments in medicine, and provides the opportunity to work with visiting specialists on their team – all to provide patients the best medical care possible.

Advancing Healthcare on the Cayman Islands

In September of 2007, CTMH purchased a laser for the minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins (EVLT or endovenous laser treatment) and Dr. Ebanks was the first doctor on the island trained for its use. In July 2008, she became a member of the American College of Phlebology (ACP), and through the ACP attended annual conferences which afforded her an opportunity to collaborate with some of the leading vein specialists from around the world. These professionally cultivated relationships provide direct access for consultations and referrals if a problem cannot be managed on the island.

Managing all breast conditions on the island, such as cysts, fibroadenomas and even breast cancer, is possible due to the collaboration of specialties at CTMH Doctors Hospital including oncologist, radiologist, surgeon and pathologist. Also the consistent upgrading of equipment by the radiology department, Doctors Hospital imaging, including the 3Tesla MRI and the 3D Mammogram are an important element to get the best treatment available for our patients. Additionally, Dr. Ebanks has an excellent working relationship with visiting plastic surgeon Dr. Eduardo Barroso, and retired breast surgeon Dr. Joe Ostroski, who is affiliated with Baptist Health South Florida.

Another acquisition of the CTMH is a state-of-the-art surgical microscope, generously donated by the neurosurgeon Dr. James Akinwunmi. The surgical microscope makes revascularization and the replantation of fingers possible in Cayman. In addition, the physical and occupational therapy departments at RVC Rehab have competent staff to rehabilitate patients accordingly. Dr. Ebanks has also established an ongoing working relationship with some of the leading hand specialists in Miami, and refers patients when necessary.

Although Dr. Ebanks specializes in the three areas mentioned above, she also continues to perform general surgery, including but not limited to: laparoscopic cholecystectomies or appendectomies, hernia repairs, excision of all kinds of skin lesions and proctology. Call Cayman Surgery to request a consultation with Dr. Ebanks today at 345-946-0067.

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Dr. Ebanks in currently on island and happy to see patients until further notice.
Posted 12/1/2020

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